Cluedo Awful Auntie Edition

€ 29,99

The World of David Walliams


Lady Stella Saxby and her friends have uncovered Aunt Alberta's plot to turn their beloved Saxby Hall into the world's first Owleum, a museum for lovers of Owlcraft the world over!


Lady Stella does not want her cherished home turned into this monstrosity, so she has assembled a motley crew and the have hatched a plan and hidden Alberta's owl, Wagner, somewhere in Saxby Hall. They will not reveal Wagner's whereabouts until Alberta promises to abandon her devious plan and leave Saxby Hall forever!


This is your chance to be the most awful aunt that ever lived! Can you solve the mystery and work out who took Wagner, where he is and how they have hidden him? 


Leeftijdscategorie: 8+
Aantal spelers: 2 - 6

Taal: Engels

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