Dancelife's very best part 2

2e hands
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  1. When I need you (Slow waltz)
  2. Sam (Slow waltz)
  3. Green green grass of home (tango)
  4. Poema (tango)
  5. King of the road (slow fox)
  6. Brown eyes blue (slow fox)
  7. Thank God I'am a country boy (quick-step)
  8. Good girl's gonna go bad (quick-step)
  9. Nights in white satin (Viennese waltz)
  10. Kiss on my list (cha-cha-cha)
  11. Low rider (cha-cha-cha)
  12. Rock your baby (samba)
  13. Fantasy (samba)
  14. Zoom (rumba)
  15. Island in the stream (rumba)
  16. Don Juan (pasodoble)
  17. Pick a bale of cotton (jive)
  18. A town called Malice (jive)