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2e hands

Gevleugelde vrienden - 5 jaar

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Gevleugelde vrienden - 5 jaar
2e hands

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  1. That certain feeling
  2. Cabaret
  3. I think it's gonna rain today
  4. Light at the end of the tunnel
  5. Charleston
  6. Last night of the world
  7. I found a million dollar baby
  8. She's always a woman to me
  9. I got plenty O' Nuttin'
  10. I know him so well
  11. Nice work if you can get it
  12. Maple leaf rag
  13. Desert song
  14. I'd like to teach the world
  15. Song for Guy
  16. Fats Waller medley
  17. Lang zal ze leven
  18. Piece Of Cake