Diverse - Sun4's (4 CD's)

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  1. G-Spott– N-R-G (Club Version Vocal)
  2. Mauro Picotto– Proximus
  3. Fragma– You Are Alive
  4. Supersoaker– Moi... Lolita
  5. Gigi D'Agostino– La Passion
  6. Rui Da Silva– Touch Me
  7. Mario Piu aka DJ Arabesque– The Vision
  8. Fish & Chips – The Power
  9. The Thrillseekers– Synthesia (Fly Away) (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
  10. Blaze feat. Palmer Brown – My Beat (Ambassador Remix)
  11. Mauro Picotto– Like This, Like That (Mas Mix)
  12. Ratty– Sunrise (Here I Am)



  1. Bel Amour– Bel Amour (Extended Vocal)
  2. Jakatta– American Dream (Joey Negro Vocal Mix)
  3. Supaspring– Foot In The Water
  4. Ipanema– It's The Time For Carnival (Derrick White Remix)
  5. Légo*– El Ritmo De Verdad
  6. Disco-Tex Presents Cloudburst– I Can Cast A Spell (Club Mix)
  7. Soul Logic– Let's Get Together (Bini & Martini Gard Flava Dub)
  8. Soulvation– I Just Can't Stop (Felice Solea Remix)
  9. Norby feat. Edinho Quinoz – Te Quero (135 Saffa Extended)
  10. Georgie Porgie– Life Goes On
  11. David Morales pres. The Face – Needin' U Part 2 (Boss Anthem Mix)
  12. Hatiras– Spaced Invaders (King Unique Dub)


  1. DJ Tiësto– Flight 643
  2. Solar System – Oriënt Express (Nic Vegter Remix)
  3. Jamnesia– My Memory Is Back
  4. Hardy Heller vs. Ray Boyé– Lovin' (Fred Numf vs Five Point O.)
  5. Three Drives– Sunset On Ibiza
  6. Impact– Kemistry
  7. Sister Bliss feat. John Martin – Deliver Me (X-Press 2 Main Mix)
  8. Cyclone – Salobre
  9. Rocco & Heist– Paradise Rush (Jaimy & Kenny D. Remix)
  10. Members Of Mayday– 10 In 01 (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
  11. Matt Darey– Beautiful (Ferruccio Remix)
  12. Kay Cee– Unsolved Mysteries (Club Mix)


  1. Humate– 3.2 (Bedrock Ambient Mix)
  2. Libra pres. Taylor– Calling Your Name (Solar Stone Remix)
  3. Leamma– Melodica (Chill Out Version)
  4. Natural Noise– Léssence
  5. L.S.G.– Jillanty (Album Version)
  6. Cabs & E-Craig– More And More (Sunset Instrumental)
  7. Energy 52– Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix)
  8. Ground Zero – It's Over (Mix III)
  9. Stef, Pako & Frederick – Seaside Atmosphere (Evol. Amb. Seagull)
  10. The Thrillseekers– Synthesia (Fly Away) (Alaska's Sunset Mix)


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