Monopoly Uncharted

€ 24,99

Be a treasure hunter!

Travel the world!


Follow in the footsteps of Nathan Drake, his allies and his enemies in this special edition Uncharted Monopoly game. Explore the world, discover clues from hidden maps, scale mountains, steal ships, discover what fate and fortune have in store for you - and find the hidden treasure!


Uncharted Monopoly features locations from all four Uncharted games, and includes six collectible Uncharted tokens. The gameboard takes you around the world, following Nate's amazing adventures. Travel from the Amazon to Avery's ship via Nepal, Borneo, France, Yemen, Scotland and Madagascar to mention a few! Buy locations from the Uncharted games and charge players who stop there. Build houses and hotels and charge even higher prices.


Take your chances with Fate and Fortune cards, which can help you in your quest or land you in deep trouble.


Roll the dice! Find the clues and seek out the hidden treasure as you travel around the globe in the footsteps of Nathan Drake.


Leeftijdscategorie: 16+
Aantal spelers: 2 - 6

Spel van Hasbro Gaming